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Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline

Freephone: 0808 808 2234
Or text DAN to: 81066


DAN 24/7 Helpline has access to many leaflets that we can send out, free of charge, to anyone living in Wales.
Due to the number and diversity of leaflets held, only a selection have been listed. These leaflets can be ordered online, up to a maximum of three.
If you do not see the leaflet that you require please contact the helpline and speak to an adviser.
Please Note: Literature will only be sent out to callers whose postal address is in Wales.

Helpline promotional materials order form

Pick up to 3 leaflets:

Alcohol and Depression
Alcohol and Drugs - What Parents Need to Know
Alcohol and Older People
Anabolic Steroids
But I`m Not The One Who Needs Help - Families Anonymous
Carers Wales..Looking After Someone
Club drugs - rcpsych
Cocaine and Crack Cocaine
Conwy and Denbighshire children & young peoples substance use/misuse service
Corona Virus - Looking After Your Mental Health
Coronavirus Anxiety
Dealing with suicidal thoughts
Discarded needles and syringes - advice to the public from Drug Litter Line
Drink Wise, Age Well..Family,Friends and Carers Guide
Hello I am a virus
Hep C info- Understanding Hepatitis C and staying safe
Here to Help With Your Bereavement - COVID-19 North Wales
How to cope as a carer - Mind
How To Cope With Suicidal Feelings
How to Support Someone who feels Suicidal
Information for young people - Cannabis & Mental Health
Legal Highs - the lowdown
Looking After Your Mental Health While Working During The Coronavirus Outbreak
Magic Mushrooms
MDMA (Ecstacy)
Mephedrone and Naphyrone
Mind - Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Mind how to cope with student life
Nacoa - Self diagnosis
NACOA Information for parents
NACOA Information for people affected by their parent`s drinking
NACOA Information for young people
NACOA Introduction to Codependency
NALOXONE Saves Lives
New Psychoactive Substances
Nitrates (Poppers)
Not a smoker? Smoking Cannabis with Tobacco.
Overdose Awareness for people who use heroin
Prescription Drugs
Protecting yourself During Coronavirus
Public Health Wales Minimum Alcohol Pricing - Your Questions Answered
Seasonal Affective Disorder - Royal College of Psychiatrists
Some Mums & Dads Drink too Much - NACOA
Step Change - Are your debts keeping you awake at night? You`re not alone
TESS - Having suicidal thoughts and feelings
Think When You Drink Unit Calculator (Dan24/7 Wheel)
Thinking about your drinking
Understanding Mental Health Effects of Recreational Drugs and Alcohol
Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder - S.A.D.
What Should I do If I Need to Self-Isolate
Young Peoples Counselling Service - Service Information Leaflet
Young Persons Guide in2change

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